Behind the Scenes of Network Marketing

Network marketing is AMAZING! You may not know it yet from personal experience, but no worries because I am going to share with you why. I love watching everyone’s desire to make a difference within their communities, and am honored to be part of their journey. This newer platform has been a large part of... Continue Reading →

Less Spending, More Saving

I wasn’t taught how to save money while growing up. However, I did learn how to earn it by doing chores or small jobs; like working the snack bar and babysitting. In one hand, and right out the other that money went. Sounds a little familiar to the adult life, doesn’t it? (Haha). After high... Continue Reading →

30-Days to Healthy & Beyond

This was a journey that I was both nervous about and excited for. I was nervous to invest money into it, and worried that I was not going to follow through. I also feared the “after-factor”; the daunting question that ran through my mind “What will happen after the 30-days is up?” Was I going... Continue Reading →


What is more exciting than love? I am convinced that nothing is, because this emotion puts a smile on my face and sends delightful shivers up and down my spine. Love continues to be a wondrous roller coaster and journey for me, but I want to express the excitement in my new found glory! My life has become... Continue Reading →

5 Steps toward Self Success

There’s a saying that most of us have heard at least once in our lives, “You can do anything you set your mind to.” Sound familiar? It’s a beautiful saying, but what does it mean? If I were to take it at face value, it claims that as long as I thought about something long enough,... Continue Reading →

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