Mama on a Mission

H e l l o !

I am Stephanie and I live in the beautiful, Southern California.

I have a 6-yr old son; Levi, he is my world, and almost 1-yr old daughter, Ellie, also my everything.

We do life together so you will hear plenty about us in my stories!

I am “Mama” but I am also on a mission. I want women to embrace themselves with admiration because I understand what it’s like to lack in the “self-worth” department and needing a hand up.

With support of friends and trusted mentors, I have overcome many parts of my past; but my inspiration is to help you experience the same.

Lastly, I pray for love and grace as you journey the far less traveled, yet most rewarding road to self-discovery.



7 thoughts on “Mama on a Mission

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  1. God bless you Stephanie as you seek to grow in your relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ and encourage other women in theirs.
    May God mightily use you and bless you abundantly for being His willing vessel.
    Your sister in Christ,


    1. Hi Eugenie!

      You are so sweet and thank you so much for your kind words ❤️ I always hope to spread light of encouragement and connection with moms all around; and I am blessed that you have come by 🥰 blessings to you and yours, too 💗💗


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